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Orthodox & Slingshot Pitching

Pitching Rules

  1. Orthodox and figure 8 pitching only. Women may use slingshot pitching.

  2. No Windmill will be allowed.

  3. The pitcher may not make a complete revolution in the


  4. The arch of the ball cannot be higher than six feet.

  5. Pitchers must start with two feet on the pitching rubber.

  6. Orthodox definition: Arm and hand cannot come past the shoulder upon delivery.

  7. Slingshot definition: As per Softball BC: A slingshot type pitch is defined as “turning the body toward the first or third base and bending the elbow during the backswing.” The ball cannot go past the pitcher's head during delivery.

  8. In case of an illegal pitch, the Umpire will call: “No pitch” (before delivery) and will be classified as a ball.

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